The situationRecord element (base type)

The situationRecord element (base type)

For all possible elements related to e situaionRecord go to Basic elements situationRecord.

For each component, the situation contains a specialised case based on a situationRecord. There are specialisations and subspecialisations (specific cases) for the various kinds of components. The first layer consists of derived types that are not directly usable.


These are then elaborated into subspecialisations. OperatorAction has the following subspecialisations, for example:


The following section examines the base type (situationRecord) and subsequent sections then look more closely at the specialised cases.




The xsi:type attribute is used to indicate the correct specialization.

Required Example
Yes RoadOrCarriagewayOrLaneManagement


A situationRecord has an identifier (within the context of the situation) that is unique over time. That means that a situation component is assigned an identifier when it situation arises that has not previously been given to an active or already completed component of the situation. The situation component retains that identifier until the end.

The identifier always begins with the ID of the situation, followed by an underscore ‘_’ and an additional identifier that is unique within the context of the situation.

Required Example
Yes NLRWS_NLSIT002133327_1


The version number of the applicable situationRecord.

Required Example
Yes 3