A SituationPublication is a publication of one or more situations relating to a (number of) location (s). This SituationPublication is a specialization of PayloadPublication. This specialization is indicated by giving the attribute xsi: type of element payloadPublication the value “SituationPublication”.

The top-level structure is as follows:


The use of the publicationTime and publicationCreator elements is described below. In addition, a SituationPublication optionally includes (one or more times) the situation element.

The publicationTime element

Date and time on which the payloadPublication is issued.

Type: Required Domain
DateTime Yes Date and time in UTC (Zulu notation)



The publicationCreator element

The publicationCreator element describes the party composing the publication. The element’s type is InternationalIdentifier and it contains two mandatory elements, country and nationalIdentifier.

The difference between supplierIdentification (described previously) and publicationCreator is that the first describes the sending party and the latter the party composing the publication.

Type: Required Domain
N/A Yes N/A


<situation version="3" id="NLRWS_NLSIT002133328">

Subelements publicationCreator

The country element

Country code of the supplier according to ISO 3166-1.

Type: Required Domain
CountryEnum Yes nl

The nationalIdentifier element

This element contains the identification of the sender.


Within the NDW chain, this identifier is determined by NDW and allocated to the suppliers.

Type: Required Domain
String Yes See above