Status of bridges (open/closed)

Status of bridges (open/closed)


The status of bridges data service provides real time data on whether a bridge is open or closed. The service only provides data on a limited amount of bridges for Rijkswaterstaat, Province Noord-Holland and the Rotterdam city region. In addition, certain bridges in the Blauwe Golf Verbindend (BGV) project have been made available through the NDW service.

As of May 2017 more than 80 bridges have been made available through the service. To download these bridges, their coordinates, mand their isrs-code (in a csv file) click here The BGV project aims to include all their bridges by the end of 2017. The data service will consist of approximately 180 bridges, of which 80 bridges are managed regionally.

The following pages describes the data service’s structure and content. Occasionally the description is elaborated with an example.

Data exchange

The DATEX II standard is a European standard for recording and exchanging traffic data. The status of bridges is exchanged using the DATEX II class D2LogicalModel. Both Push and Pull can be used for the data service. In the case of Push the data exchange is initiated by the supplying system, while in Pull the receiving system initiates the exchange. System interfaces and the DATEX II class D2LogicalModel are described in the DATEX II Dutch Profile. The Datex II standard’s situationPublication dispatches bridge status information.

The status of bridges is provided as open data through the data service’s as the brugopeningen.xml.gz file.

Structure and content

General information of an event (situation) is provided in the first elements of the model. Theoretically one or more situationRecord elements can be related to an event (situation). In practice, however, one situationRecord is related to one event(situation). A closed or open bridge is represented through the situationRecord.

The dynamic traffic situation (GeneralNetworkManagement) describes the status of a bridge. The specialization dynamic traffic situation consists of general and specific elements.


Interpretation of bridge status’ situation is described on the next page.

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