Introduction Situation-messages

Introduction Situation-messages


The information product situation-messages consists of data of the actual status of roads. These data is delivered by NDW partners and is processed and forwarded by the NDW. The following situation-messages are delivered:

The availability of the available situation-messages depends on the NDW-partner. Situation-messages regarding the national roads are almost completely available. From NDW-partners are the actual and planned roadworks and events available.

The location reference of situation-messages is mostly based on VILD. If there isn’t a VILD-location available, the location is based on x,y coordinates. In some cases the x,y coordinates are supplemented with a name of a street. The usage of OpenLR location referencing is not yet avalaible.

Data exchange and DATEX II

The exchange of Situation-messages is based on DATEX II. DATEX II is the European standard regarding the registration and exchange of traffic data. This is done using the DATEX II class D2LogicalModel. As to status information there is a push and pull mechanism available. More information about system interfaces and the DATEX II class D2LogicalModel is available in the English version of Dutch Datex II profile. Every exchange takes place with the d2LogicalModel top-element which is based on the D2LogicalModel class. The situation-messages which have to be exchanged are modeled through a specialization of the PayloadPublication class underneath d2LogicalModel.

Regarding situation-messages the situationPublication specialization xsi=type) of the payloadPublication is used. An situationPublication is a publication of one or more siyuayions regarding a (number) of location(s).


A data service (NDW product) provides data about situations on the road and actions or instructions from the road authority. With the situation element a situation on the road, or a group of logically linked situations, or the status of an object (for example a bridge or a rush-hour lane). This can be a real-time status or planned situation (this only occurs at the opening of bridges, construction work or events).

For more information about elements withing a situation, go to situation . A situation consists out of one or more elements of the situationRecord type. For every part the situation contains a situationRecord a derivative specialization. For different types of parts exists different specializations and subspecializations. These specializations will worked out within situationRecord.