Breakdowns and accidents

Breakdowns and accidents


This data service consists of messages about broken vehicles on the road which are of interest to incident management. The information is provided by insurance and recovery companies.

In this description the structure and content is described and if necessary accomplished with an example.

Exchange of the data

Breakdowns and accidents are part of situationmessages. Situationmessages regarding breakdowns and accidents are formed by situations on the road. The exchange within the NDW data service breakdowns and accidents is based on DATEX II. DATEX II is the European standard regarding the registration and exchange of traffic data. This is done using the DATEX II class D2LogicalModel. As to status information there is a push and pull mechanism available. More information about system interfaces and the DATEX II class D2LogicalModel is available in the English version of Dutch Datex II profile. The exchange takes place based on situationPublication as part of the Datex II standard.

The NDW data service is published on as incidents.xml.gz.

Structure and content of the data service

A situation consists out of one or more situationRecord elements. In practice only one situationrecord is related to one situation within the data service breakdowns and accidents.

A situationRecord consists of one accident or breakdown.

Subject Datex II name
Traffic nuisance by a vehicle on the road VehicleObstruction
Situations with an accident Accident

Specific examples

To help interpret a situation regarding breakdowns and accidents an additional example is available.

Go to example interpretation breakdowns and accidents.