The MRM data service

The MRM data service


The data service MRM makes the service information available on numbers of vehicles and average speeds measured at specific measuring points. The measurements are aggregated per minute, i.e. for every minute a total number of counted vehicles and the average speed number for a given measuring point is given.

Response structure

The response body contains the XML message minute_speed_and_flow_events. The schedule of the message can be found in TODO, Speed ​​and Flow interface scheme.

This message contains the following elements:

meta elements

This element contains information about the response message and the request that formed the basis for it. The following parts are included.

element meaning type example
msg_id UUID of the message, for the purpose of tracebility. UUID 12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012

The event element

The Event element contains the (new) information from a measurement point about one of the aspects that the measurement point has Het Event element bevat de (nieuwe) informatie van een meetpunt over een van de aspecten die het meetpunt kent. These aspects are:

  • lanelocation vindicates the location of the measuring point with a road, track, strip and kilometer indication.
  • avgspeed indicates a measured average speed.
  • flow indicates a measured number of vehicles.

Below is described what information can be given in the variable_message_sign event.

element aspect meaning type example
ts_event all The time at which the event is registered. Bases on this, the event is counted as a time window. [ISO8601 2014-09-09T15:02:12.031Z
ts_state all The time at which the condition reported in the event arose. If the event concerns a minute measurement, the value is rounded to a whole minute and indicates the start of the measurement minute. [ISO8601 2014-09-09T15:02:00Z
measuring_point_id all The identity of the measuring point. UUID 12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012
road lanelocation Indication of the road where the measuring point is placed. string A15
carriageway lanelocation Indication of the roadway where the measuring point is placed. character L
lane lanelocation Indication of the lane where the measuring point is placed counted from the WOL (Road Orientation Line). int 2
km lanelocation The kilometer position along the road, calculated from the start of the hectometering. decimal 12.369
kmph avgspeed The average traffic speed during the measurement minute in km/hour. int 83
no_traffic avgspeed No traffic passed through measuring point. Speed does not apply. n/a  
unknown avgspeed No speed measurement available. n/a  
count flow The number of vehicles passed during the measurement minute. int 26
unknown flow No number available. n/a  
discontinued n/a The measuring point has been removed. No events are reported anymore. n/a