NDW documentation portal for users of traffic data

NDW documentation portal for users of traffic data

Traffic data is supplied by various sources. The Dutch National Data bank for traffic data (NDW) provides one gateway for this traffic data and other related products. The gateway NDW-DOCS provides in-depth descriptions and information on how to interpret the provided traffic data. The aim of the gateway is to enable optimal use of available traffic data.

NDW-DOCS currently covers two products: status information on situations and objects and real-time traffic data.

The gateway has been built with consumers of traffic data in mind, since consumers can have varying frames of reference depending on the intended use of traffic data. As such, consumers can reference the NDW data service as a whole, focus on an example, or search for specific content.

NDW-DOCS does not include all information on traffic data, but references other sources when necessary. The table below lists other sources of traffic data information.

Source Description
Datex II information about Mogin Link to Dutch Platform for Mobility and Geo-Information
NDW Real-time open data service Link to server where the open NDW data services are published
Dutch Profile Datex II Download link for DATEX II Dutch Profile version 2015-2a
DATEX II website Link to website of DATEX II organization

To skip to specific examples please click on the links below. Currently only one example has been translated to English: Bridge status interpretation. All other examples are still in Dutch, but the goal is to translate those at a later date.

Go to example Interpretation roadworks .
Go to example Bridge status interpretation .
Go to example on VILD based point locations.
Go to example on the use of the element impact and its sub-elements.
Go to example on the use of the element OperatorAction and specialist status cycles.

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